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PumpEase Organic

PumpEase Organic is the world’s only organic hands-free pumping bra. It holds your breast pump flanges securely in place so you can read, text, eat, email, care for your child, grill up some quinoa burgers, make your own soap, or just relax while you pump breastmilk… hands-free! PumpEase Organic is wonderfully soft to wear and easy to use; there’s no need to fuss with awkward straps or adjustments.

About Organic Cotton

A conventional cotton crop uses more chemicals from start to finish than any other crop. An organic cotton crop does away with genetically modified plants and harsh pesticides, providing consumers with an eco-friendly, healthy option. Organic cotton is durable, breathable, absorbs moisture, and retains all of the qualities of regular cotton while being gentler on the environment.

About Our Packaging

We package PumpEase Organic in a recycled paperboard that contains a minimum of 35% post-consumer content. The inks used to print the packaging are vegetable or seed-based (soy or linseed) and both the protective coating and the glue are water-based, a safe and environmentally-friendly option. Our packaging manufacturer has used these raw materials for over 15 years. We are proud to be working with such a forward-thinking and environmentally-conscious company!

We exclusively use a 90% GOTS certified organic cotton/10% spandex knit for PumpEase Organic. This fabric provides you with an eco-friendly, healthy option. Like regular cotton, organic cotton is durable, breathable, absorbs moisture, and retains all of the qualities of regular cotton, while being gentler on the environment.


Our custom-milled, unbleached and un-dyed organic fabric offers:

  • performance and durability
  • comfort and softness against your skin
  • breathability

Hand or machine wash in cool water.
Hang to dry.
Do not bleach.
Do not tumble dry.
Do not iron.
Do not feed the bears.

In a pinch you can machine dry your PumpEase but we don’t recommend making a habit of it because the dryer heat will eventually break down the spandex.

machine wash cooldo not bleachhang to dry

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  1. PumpEase Organic

    PumpEase Organic

    Pumpease pumping bra / expression bustier allows you to double pump completely hands-free, allowing you to get on with life while you pump. PumpEase is the world's ONLY fashionable hands-free pumping bra.

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